Welcome To Resilience Behavioral Health

Is your home happy and filled with joy?  Or is there conflict and stress?  Is it hard to get out of bed in the morning?  Are you struggling with increased irritability and anxiety?  Do you struggle with staying focused when you need to?

Mental health challenges can feel overwhelming for anyone.  It can also be overwhelming for the entire family.  At Resilience Behavioral Health, we acknowledge that and want you to know that we are here to help.  We treat each client as an individual, but when we can work together with the entire family, we can get more accomplished.  During each individual appointment, your provider learns about your values, challenges, and communication style.  When treating several members of the same family, your provider can bring what is learned with each person and bring it back together to help you navigate the challenges in your life while still maintaining strict confidentiality.  Mental health challenges can be genetically linked and so can the treatments.

Why is Resilience Behavioral Health different?

We believe in treating the whole person individually, but also understand that family is fundamental.  This is why members of the same family can be seen by the same provider, between the age of 5 to 65.  Treatment consists of conventional medication management, genetic testing, homeopathic remedies, and psychotherapy for each person, but also with whole families. We strive to create a warm atmosphere that is inclusive and supportive.  In our efforts to decrease stigma and discomfort in seeking care, we practice out of a house with a home-like environment.

If additional support services are needed that can’t be provided at RBH, your provider has strong connections with other treatment organizations throughout Washington State.  All referrals given will have been vetted by the founder of RBH, Jana Robison, PMHNP-BC.  Jana’s promise to all of you is that she will never refer you or a loved one to anyone she would not feel comfortable with for herself or a member of her own family.

Benefits of Behavioral Health

Life is short.  Families are important.  Resilience Behavioral Health wants every person that walks through the door to live their lives to the very best of their ability.  No one should have to struggle with their mental health when there are so many options available for treatment.

Areas of focus

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